About Us

Griffin National Real Estate is an independent real estate agency offering industry-leading property management, sales & buyer’s advocate services to the Brisbane property market.

We understand why people roll their eyes when they talk about real estate agents & property managers. We all know plenty of them who do a dismal job & don’t begin to justify what they charge. Sadly, their poor communication, substandard marketing materials & unfulfilled promises have tarnished the integrity of the industry.

We’re changing all that – one client at a time.

We’re as picky about selecting our team of selling agents and property managers as you are about selecting the agency that’s right for you. They must have a strong work ethic. They must love their job. They must make their clients’ satisfaction and value for money their highest priority.

That’s what sets us apart from other agencies. The benefits to you in choosing us to represent you simply aren’t delivered by any other real estate agency. We take our jobs seriously, we do them exceptionally well, & we make sure you know everything that’s going on with your property that we do.

We’re professionals with smiles, bringing a friendly, candid approach to real estate. We’ve built our business around core principles of quality & communication which are unsurpassed in the real estate industry.

Give us a chance to prove it!