Frequently Asked Questions

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    • Can I vacate my rental property before the lease end date?

      Yes, you can. We refer to it as a “Break Lease”. A Break Lease fee of 1 week’s rent + gst is payable to cover the cost of us finding another tenant. You’re responsible for paying the rent until a new tenant leases the property or your lease expires, whichever is sooner.

    • How much time do I have to pay my water invoices?

      The RTA has recommended 30 days as sufficient for tenants to pay their water invoices, so that’s the guideline we follow.

    • You’ve issued me an entry notice. Do I have to let you in?

      Yes, so long as the entry notice has been completed correctly & you’ve been provided with the appropriate notice period.

    • My co-tenant wants to move out of our rental property but I’d like to stay. Can I?

      Possibly, but we’d have to reassess your application to ensure you can afford the property by yourself & present it to your landlord for their approval. We would also need to draw up a new lease with only you as a tenant & adjust the bond in place with the RTA.

    • I’d like to have a pet. Can I?

      If it wasn’t part of your initial application, we’d have to put your request to your landlord for their approval.