Kirstie Ryan

Alice manages our rental property and her professionalism and communication is excellent. She has an outstanding knowledge of the residential tenancy act and holds tenants accountable. We appreciate having Alice as part of our team.

Kirstie R

6th September, 2021

Daniel Matthews

Very fast at responding.
They also employ a great application process were you are able to pre-apply for properties so owners can determine if you're a good fit and then inspection dates are organised of which you get to decide whether or not to take the property, how brilliant.

It's a very efficient application process and I hope other real estates follow suit as it saves time for all parties involved.

Daniel M

11th August, 2021

Todd for all

Griffin national real estate assisted me in sorting out a range of problems generated through my old property managers. Definitely recommend using these guys as a professional source of property management.


21st July, 2021

Jessica B for Emma

Amazing service and easy to deal with agents. Quick and efficient and made our moving and securing a property very easy and less stressful.
Emma Flint was amazing in every way and very professional quick and efficient in dealing with us.

Jessica B

25th June, 2021

C.W. for all

Highly recommend!

Had nothing but a great experience, kept us updated throughout the whole process. Provided an excellent service. Very friendly team and will be continuing on using as our property managers of choice! 10/10


15th June, 2021

Amelia for all

Excellent communication & service - we've had an excellent experience with Griffin National! They thought of everything and made the process very easy for first time landlords. Very clear, friendly and prompt communication. Would recommend.


11th May, 2021

Cam & Lianne for Alice

Alice guided us throughout the entire process of purchasing our property with great support and a friendly attitude, giving us constant updates. Was an absolute pleasure and made it a smooth transfer with no stress, look forward to dealing with Alice and Griffin National again in the future!

Cam & Lianne

1st April, 2021

Ashley for all

Communication is the key with Griffin. We are kept in the loop with every aspect of our rental properties. Highly recommend!!


19th March, 2021

Nemanja for Lana

Lana was amazing. Her knowledge of the property market is second to none. She kept us updated throughout the entire process until settlement. Was always there for us when we had and questions or concerns. Would highly recommend Lana to anyone wanting to buy or sell.


13th January, 2021

Peta for Zena

Ever since I had moved into my rental, Zena has been the most amazing Property Manager. She’s incredibly quick to respond to emails and doesn’t hesitate to answer any questions I may have. I have needed a few things replaced and Zena was quick to sort that out for me, I feel happy and safe knowing that my Property Manager is as genuine and kind as she is.


19th December, 2020

Ashley Briggs for Alice

Alice is always helpful, nothing’s a problem at all. She’s willing to go that extra mile for you. She’s easy to talk to, a real people person.


19th October, 2020

Frederick & Cath for Lana

Lana was polite, well organised and knowledgeable. She is a hard worker and I recommend her to any other seller out there.

Frederick & Cath

25th September, 2020

David for Alice

Hi Alice,

We are delighted at the very complete service and care for our rental properties.

To have someone who thinks for us and is ahead of problems is a real difference in the property market.

We find the follow through on matters that do need attention to be exemplary.

Again thanks for your efforts on our properties and we wish you every success in your future Property dealings.


27th August, 2020

Stef for Alice

Great service by Alice in preparing the property. Made changing agents simple and seamless. Had the property re-cleaned and ready for viewing by multiple tenants within 2 days and moved in within 5 working days, at an increased priced $45 more than our previous agent of 5 years.

20th August, 2020

Rakesh for Alice

Alice has been wonderful, a thorough professional who knows the job inside out. She demonstrated a proactive and positive attitude, very efficient and quick she is very pleasing to deal with. All the best to her. Highly recommend Griffin as a reliable and trustworthy agency.


17th July, 2020

Jamie for Lana

Cannot thank Lana enough for her tireless efforts to help me sell my property. Always keeping me updated, following up with every potential buyer and really fighting for the best outcome. I am on the other side of the country and knew my property was in the best hands. Thank you Lana


9th July, 2020

Jack for Alice

It took Alice less than a week to get us a new tenant for our property in Burpengary. Our previous property managers were taking months to organise a new tenant.

20th June, 2020

Nina’s Cleaning Australia for Griffin National

Great Real Estate to work for! Professional and easy to deal with.

20th June, 2020

Paul Massam for Griffin National

Excellent very professional staff always so friendly and only too happy to help with any questions and very quick to make sure everything is completed to the utmost highest standards. I would recommend them to anyone buying, selling or renting.

20th June, 2020

Luke for Griffin National

I honestly could not say a bad word about Griffin National Real Estate. The service you get from here is exceptional and communication is incredible!

20th May, 2020

Pierre Fernandez for Lana

Great people to work with. Genuine people who wants the best for you. Thanks Lana for being a great person to deal with in the sale of my property.

20th May, 2020

Richard Humphries for Alice

My dealings with Alice were absolutely fantastic. She could not do enough to secure a tenant for my rental property! I can't thank you enough Alice!

20th May, 2020

Simone Shepherd for Griffin National

It's a great company with nice and friendly staff.

20th April, 2020

Cassandra Streeting for Griffin National

We have had a few maintenance issues with the property (no fault of the lovely owner or realestate) but all issues have been rectified quickly. We have been very happy with our property manager and the owner has been amazing too.

20th April, 2020

Hadyn Hewitt for Griffin National

The guys at Griffin National came to my rescue when my last tenant gave notice and had me a replacement tenant within days. I appreciated the proactive customer service lacking from my previous property manager.

20th March, 2020

Michelle Burton for Alice

Extremely happy to give a 5 star review to Griffin National Property Management. Alice is professional and goes above and beyond. I truly could not be happier with the service and communication. Thank you so much Alice and Griffin National staff.

20th March, 2020

Anand Patel for Griffin National

Griffin National manages our 2 investment properties from last 3 years. We never had any issues with finding new tenants or resolving any dispute with tenants. We would highly recommend Griffin National for property management. Well done team...

20th March, 2020

Daria Cooper for Alice

Alice is absolutely fantastic. So friendly, flexible and professional. She was able to quickly rent our house out for more than we were expecting!

20th February, 2020

Judi Morrison for Lana – Rate my agent

Lana is extremely professional. Nothing is too much trouble for her. Made the experience easy and very pleased with the outcome. I can recommend her highly.

21st December, 2019

Keith Evener for Lana – Rate my agent

I was very grateful for and impressed with Lana's unhesitant willingness to assist me as I was not able to travel to the new property enough due to me being unable to drive and my age. Lana spent a lot of extra time and travel to help me with the purchase when I could not do things myself. She was always available for expert advice, to liaise with the vendor on my behalf and to reach an amicable and trouble free completion of the sale.

18th December, 2019

Anthony Silvestro for Lana – Rate my agent

Lana was always helpful with every query I had. Her responses were immediate and knowledgeable.

17th December, 2019

Pierre & Roxy for Lana

I sold my house in just a couple of weeks with Lana's help. It was a great experience overall with her. She was easy to work with and she worked hard to sell my house. We always had people inspecting the house and had written weekly updates on the inquiries and inspections. Even when we already had a conditional offer, she still scheduled an inspection, just in case the buyer backed out. I think this is a good sign of her professionalism to seriously sell my home.

Thank you Lana and all the best with your future endeavours.

Pierre and Roxy

22nd November, 2019

Anne for Lana – Rate my agent

Very professional yet friendly felt like I had known Lana for a long time. Honest and very positive.

Lana is very knowledgeable in real estate, gave me some marketing tips early in the sales campaign, which had quite a few people interested from the first open house she performed. Had 2 rounds of offers before house sold very early after she took it on.

11th November, 2019

Kulbinder for Griffin National

I am new to Griffin National Real Estate, however, notice that they operate differently. They have displayed proactiveness  and have been very good in providing us the most suitable property manager, based on our specific individual needs.

20th August, 2019

Dan Sewell for Griffin National

Great property managers to deal with, organised, efficient and always friendly.

20th June, 2019

Adam & Elizabeth for Griffin Team

As a contractor to Griffin National in Burpengary I can honestly say the girls here do a fabulous job and nothing is ever a problem. Keep up the great service!

Adam & Elizabeth
3rd June, 2019

Grant Howard for Griffin Team

They were excellent! Listed Thursday, open house Saturday and sold that day. Unbelievable. Highly recommended! Great industry knowledge.

18th May, 2017

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