• What are You looking for from Your Selling Agent?

    • A local expert who knows the Brisbane property market like the back of their hand?

    • A savvy negotiator who always keeps you in the loop?

    • A risk-free sale with no upfront costs?

  • Then look no further.

    • Many clients come to us with horror stories of having been charged thousands of dollars upfront by other agencies to sell their property. Some have come to us after engaging a “fixed price” agency that couldn’t manage to sell their property – but they didn’t get their $4,000-5,000 back!

    • We charge a flat commission rate to sell your property, a fee that’s only charged if your property actually sells. The rest is on us, whether your property sells or not.

      So what do you have to lose? Absolutely nothing.

      Some clients have come to us after unsuccessfully trying to sell their property themselves. Most of them didn’t realise how involved selling their home was, how much time they had to devote, & how easy it was for contracts to fall over. We usually start by giving them an overview of all the ways we’re able to help with that.

  • Full Service Agency

    • Griffin National is a full service sales agency. By that, we mean that we do everything relating to your sale up to conveyance. What does “everything” cover?

    • Presentation

      We visit your property & advise you of everything you could do to present it in its best light, whether that’s maintenance, minor renovations, de-cluttering, cleaning, etc. You might choose to do none, some, or all of what we suggest, but we’ll show you which will get you the biggest bang for your buck. We’ll even arrange for quotes & for the work to be done if you like.

    • Price

      We’ll provide you with a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) showing recent local sales of properties similar to yours and an appraisal range we expect to find a buyer in. We’ll also advise which method of sale we recommend is used – & why.

    • Listing

      We arrange for your property to be listed for sale on the most popular internet portals & arrange the other marketing materials listed above.

    • Viewings

      Properties don’t sell themselves – especially not for the highest price & best terms. We’ve done more than 100 viewings at some properties to ensure we’re getting the best offers for our Vendors. We do as many as it takes.

    • Follow Up

      We contact every person who attended a viewing to gauge their level of interest & gather any feedback they can offer.

    • Feedback

      You’ll get a phone call from your agent after every viewing to discuss how many buyers attended, their level of interest & feedback. You’ll also get a weekly Campaign Report showing detailed statistics on the level of online interest in your property.

    • Agent Availability

      We’re available 7 days a week. And when we can’t answer calls, we return messages promptly.

  • Negotiation

    • It’s hard to prove that we’ll get you the highest price for your property, but we can give you some examples of why you can be very confident that we will:

    • Panoramic Drive,

      Another local agency advised the Vendor to list at $510,000 & told them they couldn’t possibly achieve a higher price than that. We advised the Vendor to list at “Offers over $539,990”, which they did. We sold it the same day for $542,000. Unfortunately, the Vendor still had to pay the other agency’s marketing fees.

    • Anastasia Court,

      We advised the Vendor to list at “Offers over $339,990”. Another local agency advised listing at $365,000. The Vendor chose to go with the agency at the higher price. 5 months later, the other agency still hadn’t sold the property & had reduced the price below what we had advised as the listing price. The Vendor then listed the property with us & we sold it for $340,000 three weeks later. Unfortunately, the Vendor had paid the other agency’s marketing fees.

    • Blue Mountain Crescent,

      2 other local agencies were unable to achieve an offer above $380,000 for more than three months. The Vendor listed with us & 5 days later it was sold for $425,000.

    • Tenants in an Investment Property sale

      Tenants can make selling your rental property nearly impossible if they’re not onside. These are some of the issues we’ve encountered:

      • Refusing entry (though they can’t do it legally…!) for prospective buyers, building & pest inspectors, finance company valuers, etc.
      • Presenting the property horribly with mess & clutter
      • Following buyers around the property pointing out every negative thing they can think of
      • Refusing to exit the property on settlement day when Vacant Possession is required by the contract

      It’s definitely worth having your tenants onside, and there are various methods we employ to get – and keep – them there.

    • Building & Pest Inspection

      We attend every Building & Pest inspection & ensure we’re fully aware of any & all issues identified by the inspector. Many buyers try to use the inspector’s report to reduce the purchase price. We fight on your behalf to prevent that.

    • Finance

      It’s not unusual for contracts to fall over due to the buyer being unable to secure finance for the purchase. We can recommend several mortgage brokers who are often able to help where others have failed.

    • Conveyancing

      It’s often hard to say where the agent’s role ends & the conveyancer’s role begins.

      There’s usually a crossover, with the agent assisting with communication between the buyer’s conveyancer, the buyer, the seller’s conveyancer & the seller. It’s not unusual for contracts to fall over at this stage, also. We help navigate any issues that arise to guide the sale through to settlement.

    • We’ve all heard about real estate agents who make incredible claims about what they’ll do for their Vendor – then fail to deliver on anything at all.

      How can you be confident we’re not one of those agents? Because we put our money where our mouth is. Our No Sale, No Fee policy puts you in complete control. If you’re not satisfied that we’re delivering on what we’ve promised, you can tell us to withdraw the property from the market & walk away. We only get paid if we introduce a buyer to your property who you choose to sell to. If we don’t succeed in doing that, our service is 100% free.

    • If you’re considering engaging another agent, why not ask them what you can expect from their service in all of the areas listed above to see if their idea of “full service” stacks up against ours? Or don’t bother?
      There’s literally nothing to lose by listing with us first to see if our walk matches our talk.

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