Frequently Asked Questions

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  • When will I get feedback?

    All the time! Our sales agents call their Vendors after every viewing to report how many people attended, what their level of interest was, what they liked - & what they didn’t! Our Vendors also receive weekly campaign reports showing how much activity there has been on – how many buyers have searched on their property, how many saved it to their favourites list, how many clicked on photos, etc. And you can call your agent 7 days a week if there’s anything else you’d like to know or discuss.

  • Who will give my tenants notice that the property is for sale?

    We will. In Queensland, tenants must be made aware that the property they’re renting is for sale before any prospective buyers are taken through. And they must be informed before they sign a lease that you intend to sell the property if you intend to list it for sale within 2 months of their lease start date. If you don’t, the tenant isn’t required to adhere to the full term of the lease & is permitted to vacate the property with just 2 weeks’ notice. That can be a real problem for the Landlord/Vendor if they’re hoping to receive rental income until the property sells.

    If the tenants are on a periodic agreement (all fixed term leases revert to “periodic agreements” when the lease term expires), the required notice period of 2 months when issuing a Notice to leave (Form 12) is reduced to just 4 weeks. In many cases that can be crucial to the sale proceeding for the Buyer, the Vendor, or both.

    We take special care when selling tenanted properties that leases, forms, etc, are completed & issued in just the right ways, & at just the right times.

  • Will you attend the building & pest inspection?

    Yes, our sales agents always attend building & pest inspections. Many buyers attempt to use issues raised in building & pest reports to reduce the purchase price of the property. Our sales agents attend to ensure they know everything there is to know about any potential issues so that our Vendor gets the best possible outcome.